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Putin wants his US mansions back. Trump needs to say no.

Last December, in retaliation for Russia's hacking campaign against the 2016 Presidential election, former President Barack Obama seized two Russian diplomatic mansions.

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⌚ 03:34:02  (nytimes.com) 

Black Friday 2017: Your Best Bargain Bet Might Be a TV

⌚ 01:06:19  (cbssports.com) 

Chargers vs. Cowboys final score, takeaways: Rivers inches LA closer to playoffs

⌚ 00:50:01  (chicagotribune.com) 

Woman raises thousands to help a homeless man who spent his last $20 to buy her gas

⌚ 08:23:23  (usnews.com) 

After DNA Test, California Man Freed From Prison in 1978 Double-Murder

⌚ 00:42:41  (foxnews.com) 

Texas manhunt underway for suspect in fatal cop shooting

⌚ 03:21:45  (washingtonpost.com) 

The Vikings (led by Case Keenum!?) could be the first team to play in the Super Bowl at home

⌚ 01:38:15  (foxsports.com) 

Rivers, Chargers beat fading Cowboys 28-6 on Thanksgiving (Nov 23, 2017)

⌚ 01:57:41  (cnn.com) 

Texas authorities search for suspect in fatal shooting of state trooper

⌚ 02:39:06  (washingtonpost.com) 

Flynn's lawyer shuts down communications with Trump's team, a sign he may be cooperating with Mueller probe

⌚ 11:39:30  (cbc.ca) 

Suicide bombing kills 8 in eastern Afghanistan

⌚ 01:25:00  (star-telegram.com) 

Texas DPS trooper killed; search underway for suspect

⌚ 02:41:17  (washingtonpost.com) 

Trump's Thanksgiving message: 'The enthusiasm in this country has never been higher'

⌚ 02:54:31  (bleacherreport.com) 

Case Keenum Has Answered Vikings' QB Question, so What Comes Next?

⌚ 01:48:27  (sbnation.com) 

Chargers vs. Cowboys 2017 live results: Highlights from Los Angeles' Thanksgiving Day triumph

⌚ 03:05:27  (espn.com) 

Lions' quarterback Matthew Stafford injures ankle

⌚ 02:38:46  (patch.com) 

Texas Trooper Fatally Shot On Thanksgiving, Manhunt Underway

⌚ 07:11:27  (wsj.com) 

Trump Gives Thanks to Armed Forces, Praises Economic Agenda

⌚ 03:35:18  (techcrunch.com) 

Thanksgiving e-commerce sales pass $1.5B, up 17% year-on-year

⌚ 11:14:36  (nytimes.com) 

Blast From the Past: The Current Political World Mirrors 2009

⌚ 03:24:27  (wbaltv.com) 

Slain detective was tied to 2 high-profile cases

⌚ 02:57:58  (nbcnews.com) 

Woman raises more than $250000 for homeless man who helped her

⌚ 04:05:13  (abc13.com) 

Teacher suspected of narcotics possession at school, escorted from school by police

⌚ 08:39:27  (newsweek.com) 

Trump's First Presidential Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago Will Feature More Than Turkey

⌚ 03:24:19  (huffingtonpost.com) 

Suspected MS-13 Gang Member Arrested In Park Stabbing, Dismembering: Cops

⌚ 03:33:37  (foxnews.com) 

Indiana teacher busted after being caught on camera doing drugs in classroom

⌚ 06:17:32  (aol.com) 

Baltimore detective killed day before testimony in police corruption case

⌚ 03:25:27  (nytimes.com) 

Hopes Dashed, Relatives of Argentine Submarine Crew Turn to Grief and Anger

⌚ 04:51:04  (newsweek.com) 

Teacher Was Doing Drugs In A Classroom As Students Caught Her On Video

⌚ 00:13:05  (usatoday.com) 

Police: Slain Baltimore detective shot day before grand jury testimony

⌚ 05:08:19  (foxnews.com) 

Man convicted of 1978 California double murder pardoned after DNA test

⌚ 04:50:06  (nfl.com) 

Vikings overpower Lions, take control of North

⌚ 10:15:19  (sacbee.com) 

'My English teacher just did cocaine.' Secret classroom video sparks arrest

⌚ 06:41:25  (telegraph.co.uk) 

MS-13 gang accused of beheading a man and tearing out his heart near Washington park

⌚ 04:54:27  (npr.org) 

Texas Woman Charged With Mailing Explosives To State's Governor And Obama

⌚ 04:43:40  (nytimes.com) 

A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller

⌚ 09:51:24  (mirror.co.uk) 

Islamic State beheads 15 of its own fighters because of 'infighting' in Afghanistan

⌚ 05:21:27  (wtsp.com) 

Teacher arrested after students catch her doing drugs in classroom, police say

⌚ 04:46:53  (miamiherald.com) 

Homeless man spent his last $20 to keep her safe. She's raised $250000 to repay him

⌚ 05:20:12  (washingtonpost.com) 

Sound 'consistent with an explosion' heard near missing Argentine sub's last known location

⌚ 06:49:55  (dailymail.co.uk) 

ISIS beheads fifteen of its own fighters due to infighting in Afghanistan

⌚ 11:25:32  (newsweek.com) 

Court: MS-13 Cut Out Man's Heart as Trump Administration Promises to Go After Gang With Everything They've Got

⌚ 05:59:28  (washingtonpost.com) 

Sound 'consistent with an explosion' heard near missing Argentine sub's last-known location

⌚ 15:15:27  (slate.com) 

“That Was a Damn Lie”

⌚ 05:41:27  (npr.org) 

Trump To Troops On Thanksgiving: 'You're Fighting For Something Good'

⌚ 09:55:32  (washingtonpost.com) 

Woman charged with mailing explosives to Obama and Greg Abbott. The Texas governor opened his.

⌚ 22:39:27  (rawstory.com) 

Watch Seth Meyers' hysterical riff explaining how the Trump team backstabs 'like eighth grade girls'

⌚ 17:06:50  (nydailynews.com) 

Cat hair leads to arrest of woman for sending explosives to Obama

⌚ 09:08:19  (washingtonpost.com) 

Macy's parade rolls on with balloons, bands, security

⌚ 06:53:48  (foxnews.com) 

ISIS beheads 15 of its own fighters in Afghanistan, separate terror attack kills at least 8

⌚ 08:40:24  (sacbee.com) 

MS-13 gang stabbed man 100 times, decapitated him and ripped out his heart, police say

⌚ 07:07:51  (baltimoresun.com) 

Mayor Pugh thanks Harlem Park residents for 'patience' during extended investigation of detective's killing

⌚ 11:26:27  (newsweek.com) 

MS-13 Cut Out Man's Heart As Trump Administration Promises to Go After Gang With Everything They've Got

⌚ 11:44:12  (cnn.com) 

Explicit Barton image raises possibility of 'revenge porn'

⌚ 11:12:26  (voanews.com) 

Suicide Bomber Kills 8 in Eastern Afghanistan

⌚ 16:10:17  (theatlantic.com) 

The Big Blue Losers in the GOP Tax Plans

⌚ 12:10:03  (latimes.com) 

Republicans push hard on GOP tax plan, but voters just aren't that into it

⌚ 08:45:09  (washingtonpost.com) 

Burma has committed 'ethnic cleansing,' US says. Where does Aung San Suu Kyi go from here?

⌚ 08:07:32  (abcnews.go.com) 

Murdered Baltimore cop was set to testify in police corruption case, shot with own gun

⌚ 08:33:35  (usnews.com) 

Possible Explosion Detected Near Missing Argentine Sub's Last Known Location

⌚ 12:07:11  (businessinsider.com) 

The GOP tax plan got a triple whammy of brutal reviews

⌚ 11:18:44  (people.com) 

Woman Raises Money for Homeless Vet Who Gave Her His 'Last $20' When She Was Left Stranded

⌚ 09:47:27  (nbcnews.com) 

Baltimore Detective Sean Suiter killed day before testimony in police corruption case

⌚ 08:41:27  (nbcnews.com) 

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade rolls on with balloons, bands, security

⌚ 08:44:12  (washingtonpost.com) 

The Latest: General: Russia likely to scale down in Syria

⌚ 20:00:46  (thedailybeast.com) 

Baltimore Detective Killed Day Before Grand Jury Testimony

⌚ 10:09:17  (politico.com) 

Trump's Thanksgiving message to troops: 'We're really winning'

⌚ 09:49:27  (newsweek.com) 

North Korea Removes All Border Guards after Failing to Prevent Soldier's Defection

⌚ 11:25:27  (nypost.com) 

Islamic State beheads 15 of its own fighters: Afghan official

⌚ 10:02:27  (newsweek.com) 

Watch: Vladimir Putin's Handshake Knocks Over Furniture in Meeting With Turkey's Erdogan

⌚ 11:10:37  (cnn.com) 

Trump touts his leadership during Thanksgiving teleconference with troops

⌚ 18:37:06  (in.reuters.com) 

China's trade with North Korea sinks in October after UN sanctions

⌚ 11:44:12  (washingtonpost.com) 

The Latest: Syria opposition calls for direct negotiations

⌚ 16:04:27  (usatoday.com) 

MS-13 gang member arrested after Md. murder victim stabbed over 100 times

⌚ 10:31:27  (thehill.com) 

Trump in Thanksgiving message: 'The enthusiasm in this country has never been higher'

⌚ 03:56:00  (nbcnews.com) 

Should Washington begin regulating Facebook? Some lawmakers say yes.

⌚ 11:11:36  (washingtonpost.com) 

On Thanksgiving, Trump praises troops: 'We're really winning'

⌚ 12:22:07  (washingtonpost.com) 

How Joe Barton's sex scandal fits into the current conversation on sex and power

⌚ 11:00:27  (cnn.com) 

'Explosion' heard near missing Argentine submarine's last known location

⌚ 13:38:35  (nytimes.com) 

Deal on Rohingya Repatriation Inches Forward, but Hurdles Remain

⌚ 12:00:27  (abcnews.go.com) 

Young woman raises over $160K for homeless veteran who spent his last $20 to buy her gas

⌚ 11:52:18  (usatoday.com) 

Trump's Thanksgiving Day message: Be very grateful. To him.

⌚ 12:14:26  (usnews.com) 

More Help Arrives in Search for Argentine Submarine

⌚ 13:08:27  (cbsnews.com) 

How much does a float in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade cost?

⌚ 13:06:27  (aol.com) 

2 more women accuse Sen. Franken of inappropriate touching

⌚ 12:11:23  (reuters.com) 

Pope faces diplomatic dilemma in Myanmar visit

⌚ 20:05:27  (japantimes.co.jp) 

Putin plan to rejuvenate Russian politics makes slow progress

⌚ 20:54:21  (huffingtonpost.com) 

Baltimore Detective Killed A Day Before Testifying In Federal Case Against Fellow Cops

⌚ 13:44:34  (reuters.com) 

Assad adviser says rebels must lay down arms: Syrian state media

⌚ 13:18:24  (businessinsider.com) 

Air China indefinitely suspends flights between Beijing and Pyongyang

⌚ 13:37:07  (cnn.com) 

Clock ticks in search for missing Argentine submarine

⌚ 02:14:08  (nytimes.com) 

FCC Plan to Roll Back Net Neutrality Worries Small Businesses

⌚ 14:06:54  (thehill.com) 

Trump touts economy, vows to build border wall in Thanksgiving tweets

⌚ 13:47:57  (bbc.com) 

Myanmar Rohingya crisis: Deal to allow return of Muslim refugees

⌚ 06:02:27  (usatoday.com) 

Trump to meet with congressional leaders next week as government shutdown looms

⌚ 03:26:30  (usnews.com) 

Woman Raises More Than $60K for Homeless Man Who Helped Her

⌚ 16:22:43  (bustle.com) 

Trump's Thanksgiving Mar-A-Lago Trip Isn't Actually A Vacation, According To The White House

⌚ 04:35:33  (breitbart.com) 

MS-13 Gang Beheaded Victim — Cut out His Heart, Say Maryland Police

⌚ 15:29:12  (bbc.com) 

Myanmar Rohingya crisis: Deal to allow return of Rohingya Muslims

⌚ 17:18:14  (bbc.com) 

Argentina missing submarine: Loud noise investigated

⌚ 20:06:28  (washingtonpost.com) 

US declares 'ethnic cleansing' against Rohingya in Myanmar

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