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Yes, Twitter Loves Porn And Porn Loves Twitter

When someone on Ted Cruz' Twitter account “liked” a porn video earlier this week, it ripped the covers of a dirty not-so-secret: Twitter and porn are perfect bedmates.

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⌚ 03:35:15  (nytimes.com) 

Black Friday 2017: Your Best Bargain Bet Might Be a TV

⌚ 01:07:32  (cbssports.com) 

Chargers vs. Cowboys final score, takeaways: Rivers inches LA closer to playoffs

⌚ 00:51:14  (chicagotribune.com) 

Woman raises thousands to help a homeless man who spent his last $20 to buy her gas

⌚ 08:24:36  (usnews.com) 

After DNA Test, California Man Freed From Prison in 1978 Double-Murder

⌚ 00:43:54  (foxnews.com) 

Texas manhunt underway for suspect in fatal cop shooting

⌚ 03:22:58  (washingtonpost.com) 

The Vikings (led by Case Keenum!?) could be the first team to play in the Super Bowl at home

⌚ 01:39:28  (foxsports.com) 

Rivers, Chargers beat fading Cowboys 28-6 on Thanksgiving (Nov 23, 2017)

⌚ 01:58:54  (cnn.com) 

Texas authorities search for suspect in fatal shooting of state trooper

⌚ 02:40:19  (washingtonpost.com) 

Flynn's lawyer shuts down communications with Trump's team, a sign he may be cooperating with Mueller probe

⌚ 11:40:43  (cbc.ca) 

Suicide bombing kills 8 in eastern Afghanistan

⌚ 01:26:13  (star-telegram.com) 

Texas DPS trooper killed; search underway for suspect

⌚ 02:42:30  (washingtonpost.com) 

Trump's Thanksgiving message: 'The enthusiasm in this country has never been higher'

⌚ 02:55:44  (bleacherreport.com) 

Case Keenum Has Answered Vikings' QB Question, so What Comes Next?

⌚ 01:49:40  (sbnation.com) 

Chargers vs. Cowboys 2017 live results: Highlights from Los Angeles' Thanksgiving Day triumph

⌚ 03:06:40  (espn.com) 

Lions' quarterback Matthew Stafford injures ankle

⌚ 02:39:59  (patch.com) 

Texas Trooper Fatally Shot On Thanksgiving, Manhunt Underway

⌚ 07:12:40  (wsj.com) 

Trump Gives Thanks to Armed Forces, Praises Economic Agenda

⌚ 03:36:31  (techcrunch.com) 

Thanksgiving e-commerce sales pass $1.5B, up 17% year-on-year

⌚ 11:15:49  (nytimes.com) 

Blast From the Past: The Current Political World Mirrors 2009

⌚ 03:25:40  (wbaltv.com) 

Slain detective was tied to 2 high-profile cases

⌚ 02:59:11  (nbcnews.com) 

Woman raises more than $250000 for homeless man who helped her

⌚ 04:06:26  (abc13.com) 

Teacher suspected of narcotics possession at school, escorted from school by police

⌚ 08:40:40  (newsweek.com) 

Trump's First Presidential Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago Will Feature More Than Turkey

⌚ 03:25:32  (huffingtonpost.com) 

Suspected MS-13 Gang Member Arrested In Park Stabbing, Dismembering: Cops

⌚ 03:34:50  (foxnews.com) 

Indiana teacher busted after being caught on camera doing drugs in classroom

⌚ 06:18:45  (aol.com) 

Baltimore detective killed day before testimony in police corruption case

⌚ 03:26:40  (nytimes.com) 

Hopes Dashed, Relatives of Argentine Submarine Crew Turn to Grief and Anger

⌚ 04:52:17  (newsweek.com) 

Teacher Was Doing Drugs In A Classroom As Students Caught Her On Video

⌚ 00:14:18  (usatoday.com) 

Police: Slain Baltimore detective shot day before grand jury testimony

⌚ 05:09:32  (foxnews.com) 

Man convicted of 1978 California double murder pardoned after DNA test

⌚ 04:51:19  (nfl.com) 

Vikings overpower Lions, take control of North

⌚ 10:16:32  (sacbee.com) 

'My English teacher just did cocaine.' Secret classroom video sparks arrest

⌚ 06:42:38  (telegraph.co.uk) 

MS-13 gang accused of beheading a man and tearing out his heart near Washington park

⌚ 04:55:40  (npr.org) 

Texas Woman Charged With Mailing Explosives To State's Governor And Obama

⌚ 04:44:53  (nytimes.com) 

A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller

⌚ 09:52:37  (mirror.co.uk) 

Islamic State beheads 15 of its own fighters because of 'infighting' in Afghanistan

⌚ 05:22:40  (wtsp.com) 

Teacher arrested after students catch her doing drugs in classroom, police say

⌚ 04:48:06  (miamiherald.com) 

Homeless man spent his last $20 to keep her safe. She's raised $250000 to repay him

⌚ 05:21:25  (washingtonpost.com) 

Sound 'consistent with an explosion' heard near missing Argentine sub's last known location

⌚ 06:51:08  (dailymail.co.uk) 

ISIS beheads fifteen of its own fighters due to infighting in Afghanistan

⌚ 11:26:45  (newsweek.com) 

Court: MS-13 Cut Out Man's Heart as Trump Administration Promises to Go After Gang With Everything They've Got

⌚ 06:00:41  (washingtonpost.com) 

Sound 'consistent with an explosion' heard near missing Argentine sub's last-known location

⌚ 15:16:40  (slate.com) 

“That Was a Damn Lie”

⌚ 05:42:40  (npr.org) 

Trump To Troops On Thanksgiving: 'You're Fighting For Something Good'

⌚ 09:56:45  (washingtonpost.com) 

Woman charged with mailing explosives to Obama and Greg Abbott. The Texas governor opened his.

⌚ 22:40:40  (rawstory.com) 

Watch Seth Meyers' hysterical riff explaining how the Trump team backstabs 'like eighth grade girls'

⌚ 17:08:03  (nydailynews.com) 

Cat hair leads to arrest of woman for sending explosives to Obama

⌚ 09:09:32  (washingtonpost.com) 

Macy's parade rolls on with balloons, bands, security

⌚ 06:55:01  (foxnews.com) 

ISIS beheads 15 of its own fighters in Afghanistan, separate terror attack kills at least 8

⌚ 08:41:37  (sacbee.com) 

MS-13 gang stabbed man 100 times, decapitated him and ripped out his heart, police say

⌚ 07:09:04  (baltimoresun.com) 

Mayor Pugh thanks Harlem Park residents for 'patience' during extended investigation of detective's killing

⌚ 11:27:40  (newsweek.com) 

MS-13 Cut Out Man's Heart As Trump Administration Promises to Go After Gang With Everything They've Got

⌚ 11:45:25  (cnn.com) 

Explicit Barton image raises possibility of 'revenge porn'

⌚ 11:13:39  (voanews.com) 

Suicide Bomber Kills 8 in Eastern Afghanistan

⌚ 16:11:30  (theatlantic.com) 

The Big Blue Losers in the GOP Tax Plans

⌚ 12:11:16  (latimes.com) 

Republicans push hard on GOP tax plan, but voters just aren't that into it

⌚ 08:46:22  (washingtonpost.com) 

Burma has committed 'ethnic cleansing,' US says. Where does Aung San Suu Kyi go from here?

⌚ 08:08:45  (abcnews.go.com) 

Murdered Baltimore cop was set to testify in police corruption case, shot with own gun

⌚ 08:34:48  (usnews.com) 

Possible Explosion Detected Near Missing Argentine Sub's Last Known Location

⌚ 12:08:24  (businessinsider.com) 

The GOP tax plan got a triple whammy of brutal reviews

⌚ 11:19:57  (people.com) 

Woman Raises Money for Homeless Vet Who Gave Her His 'Last $20' When She Was Left Stranded

⌚ 09:48:40  (nbcnews.com) 

Baltimore Detective Sean Suiter killed day before testimony in police corruption case

⌚ 08:42:40  (nbcnews.com) 

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade rolls on with balloons, bands, security

⌚ 08:45:25  (washingtonpost.com) 

The Latest: General: Russia likely to scale down in Syria

⌚ 20:01:59  (thedailybeast.com) 

Baltimore Detective Killed Day Before Grand Jury Testimony

⌚ 10:10:30  (politico.com) 

Trump's Thanksgiving message to troops: 'We're really winning'

⌚ 09:50:40  (newsweek.com) 

North Korea Removes All Border Guards after Failing to Prevent Soldier's Defection

⌚ 11:26:40  (nypost.com) 

Islamic State beheads 15 of its own fighters: Afghan official

⌚ 10:03:40  (newsweek.com) 

Watch: Vladimir Putin's Handshake Knocks Over Furniture in Meeting With Turkey's Erdogan

⌚ 11:11:50  (cnn.com) 

Trump touts his leadership during Thanksgiving teleconference with troops

⌚ 18:38:19  (in.reuters.com) 

China's trade with North Korea sinks in October after UN sanctions

⌚ 11:45:25  (washingtonpost.com) 

The Latest: Syria opposition calls for direct negotiations

⌚ 16:05:40  (usatoday.com) 

MS-13 gang member arrested after Md. murder victim stabbed over 100 times

⌚ 10:32:40  (thehill.com) 

Trump in Thanksgiving message: 'The enthusiasm in this country has never been higher'

⌚ 03:57:13  (nbcnews.com) 

Should Washington begin regulating Facebook? Some lawmakers say yes.

⌚ 11:12:49  (washingtonpost.com) 

On Thanksgiving, Trump praises troops: 'We're really winning'

⌚ 12:23:20  (washingtonpost.com) 

How Joe Barton's sex scandal fits into the current conversation on sex and power

⌚ 11:01:40  (cnn.com) 

'Explosion' heard near missing Argentine submarine's last known location

⌚ 13:39:48  (nytimes.com) 

Deal on Rohingya Repatriation Inches Forward, but Hurdles Remain

⌚ 12:01:40  (abcnews.go.com) 

Young woman raises over $160K for homeless veteran who spent his last $20 to buy her gas

⌚ 11:53:31  (usatoday.com) 

Trump's Thanksgiving Day message: Be very grateful. To him.

⌚ 12:15:39  (usnews.com) 

More Help Arrives in Search for Argentine Submarine

⌚ 13:09:40  (cbsnews.com) 

How much does a float in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade cost?

⌚ 13:07:40  (aol.com) 

2 more women accuse Sen. Franken of inappropriate touching

⌚ 12:12:36  (reuters.com) 

Pope faces diplomatic dilemma in Myanmar visit

⌚ 20:06:40  (japantimes.co.jp) 

Putin plan to rejuvenate Russian politics makes slow progress

⌚ 20:55:34  (huffingtonpost.com) 

Baltimore Detective Killed A Day Before Testifying In Federal Case Against Fellow Cops

⌚ 13:45:47  (reuters.com) 

Assad adviser says rebels must lay down arms: Syrian state media

⌚ 13:19:37  (businessinsider.com) 

Air China indefinitely suspends flights between Beijing and Pyongyang

⌚ 13:38:20  (cnn.com) 

Clock ticks in search for missing Argentine submarine

⌚ 02:15:21  (nytimes.com) 

FCC Plan to Roll Back Net Neutrality Worries Small Businesses

⌚ 14:08:07  (thehill.com) 

Trump touts economy, vows to build border wall in Thanksgiving tweets

⌚ 13:49:10  (bbc.com) 

Myanmar Rohingya crisis: Deal to allow return of Muslim refugees

⌚ 06:03:40  (usatoday.com) 

Trump to meet with congressional leaders next week as government shutdown looms

⌚ 03:27:43  (usnews.com) 

Woman Raises More Than $60K for Homeless Man Who Helped Her

⌚ 16:23:56  (bustle.com) 

Trump's Thanksgiving Mar-A-Lago Trip Isn't Actually A Vacation, According To The White House

⌚ 04:36:46  (breitbart.com) 

MS-13 Gang Beheaded Victim — Cut out His Heart, Say Maryland Police

⌚ 15:30:25  (bbc.com) 

Myanmar Rohingya crisis: Deal to allow return of Rohingya Muslims

⌚ 17:19:27  (bbc.com) 

Argentina missing submarine: Loud noise investigated

⌚ 20:07:41  (washingtonpost.com) 

US declares 'ethnic cleansing' against Rohingya in Myanmar

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