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Yes, Twitter Loves Porn And Porn Loves Twitter

When someone on Ted Cruz' Twitter account “liked” a porn video earlier this week, it ripped the covers of a dirty not-so-secret: Twitter and porn are perfect bedmates.

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⌚ 01:30:51  (reuters.com) 

'France first', far right's Marechal-Le Pen says in comeback speech

⌚ 03:01:04  (chicagotribune.com) 

Gov. Rauner drinks chocolate milk to demonstrate his commitment to diversity

⌚ 01:22:32  (washingtonexaminer.com) 

Ted Cruz slams Democrats' 'tiresome' response to mass shootings

⌚ 02:01:46  (usatoday.com) 

Billy Graham to lie in honor in Capitol Rotunda

⌚ 00:45:52  (washingtonpost.com) 

Special counsel Mueller files new charges in Manafort, Gates case

⌚ 01:15:44  (news.vice.com) 

These 3 men are all scheduled to be executed tonight

⌚ 01:50:26  (washingtonexaminer.com) 

Illinois governor drinks chocolate milk to show he's committed to diversity

⌚ 00:56:44  (cnbc.com) 

Kylie Jenner just wiped $1.7 billion off Snap's market cap, and the worst isn't over for the stock

⌚ 02:18:32  (dallasnews.com) 

Ted Cruz at CPAC: Let teachers take guns into classrooms

⌚ 04:49:41  (usatoday.com) 

SpaceX launches first set of Internet-beaming Starlink satellites

⌚ 01:44:39  (techcrunch.com) 

Snap stock falls as Kylie tweets, but banker ratings are in the mix too

⌚ 02:37:10  (usatoday.com) 

The Parkland survivors started a movement when they took on gun violence. Here's how it happened.

⌚ 03:17:50  (npr.org) 

SpaceX Completes Successful Launch, Narrowly Misses Catching $6 Million Nose Cone

⌚ 02:35:38  (cbsnews.com) 

South Koreans call for speedskaters to be booted from Olympics

⌚ 03:03:43  (npr.org) 

NRA Leader Warns Conservatives Of 'Socialist Wave' In Wake Of Shooting

⌚ 02:32:53  (time.com) 

Michelle Wolf Is This Year's White House Correspondents Dinner Host. Here's Everything You Need to Know About Her.

⌚ 02:02:41  (abcnews.go.com) 

Texas governor weighs parole board's advice on inmate's fate

⌚ 02:35:36  (mercurynews.com) 

California senator resigns before receiving his punishment over sexual misconduct findings

⌚ 02:23:43  (cbsnews.com) 

"Inexcusably insensitive": Black History Month menu at NYU leads to firings

⌚ 03:31:50  (thehill.com) 

Trump raises concerns about impact of violent movies: 'Maybe they have to put a rating system for that'

⌚ 18:31:40  (cnn.com) 

School shooter threatened others with a gun, first host family told police

⌚ 03:26:38  (money.cnn.com) 

Snapchat stock drops on news Kylie Jenner no longer uses the app

⌚ 03:05:38  (latimes.com) 

Trump berates California, threatens to pull federal immigration agents

⌚ 02:44:38  (abcnews.go.com) 

Billy Graham will lie in honor in the US Capitol Rotunda

⌚ 07:02:08  (foxnews.com) 

NYU accused of serving 'racially insensitive' meal in honor of Black History Month

⌚ 03:45:37  (sfgate.com) 

Alabama, Texas, Florida set to hold executions on same night

⌚ 03:24:22  (techcrunch.com) 

Snap stock sinks as Kylie Jenner says she doesn't use Snapchat anymore

⌚ 03:27:57  (washingtonpost.com) 

'I don't think people recognize how dire it is:' West Virginia teachers strike, closing all public schools

⌚ 02:33:38  (abcnews.go.com) 

The Latest: Spokesman: Graham planned own funeral carefully

⌚ 03:37:28  (thehill.com) 

Trump says he and NRA are on same page

⌚ 03:20:46  (complex.com) 

Republican Congresswoman: 'So Many' Mass Shooters Are Democrats

⌚ 04:33:43  (reuters.com) 

Pentagon to provide recommendation on transgender individuals to Trump this week

⌚ 04:06:59  (businessinsider.com) 

The Florida shooting suspect appears poised to inherit an $800000 trust fund from his dead adoptive parents

⌚ 02:59:53  (usnews.com) 

Trump Mulls Pulling Some Federal Agents From California

⌚ 03:43:29  (washingtonpost.com) 

Trump brings the gun-control conversation back to himself and 'fake news'

⌚ 04:59:57  (reuters.com) 

Lawsuit says race motivated Trump to end immigrant protections

⌚ 03:46:43  (cnn.com) 

Trump says he's thinking about pulling ICE from California

⌚ 03:21:03  (nytimes.com) 

Trump Promotes Arming Teachers, but Rejects Active Shooter Drills

⌚ 04:25:38  (denverpost.com) 

Melania Trump's parents are legal permanent residents, raising questions on “chain migration”

⌚ 04:22:31  (foxnews.com) 

North Korea spy chief, accused in deadly attacks on South Korea, to lead Olympic delegation at closing ceremony

⌚ 08:18:09  (goodmenproject.com) 

Fear and Loathing Over ICE's Enforcement Push

⌚ 03:26:38  (nytimes.com) 

NRA Chief, Wayne LaPierre, Offers Fierce Defense of 2nd Amendment

⌚ 12:13:10  (washingtonpost.com) 

Five reasons the Olympics haven't solved the North Korea problem

⌚ 04:32:05  (accuweather.com) 

River flooding triggers water rescues, state of emergency declarations across central US

⌚ 06:41:35  (washingtonpost.com) 

Olympics Day 14: After 20 years, US women's hockey wins gold; figure skating finals are tonight

⌚ 05:17:33  (washingtonpost.com) 

'Daily Show' contributor Michelle Wolf will headline the White House correspondents' dinner

⌚ 05:08:38  (vox.com) 

Evangelical America needs Billy Graham now more than ever

⌚ 06:47:10  (nytimes.com) 

11 of the Most Dramatic Moments in a Day of Confrontation Over Guns

⌚ 04:25:53  (washingtonpost.com) 

NRA goes on the offensive after Parkland shooting, assailing media and calling for more armed school security

⌚ 08:06:33  (cnn.com) 

All of West Virginia's public schools are closed due to a teacher walk-out over pay

⌚ 05:17:34  (newsweek.com) 

NYU Issues Apology for Racially Insensitive Menu Served at Black History Month Event

⌚ 04:29:53  (foxnews.com) 

Driver crashes car into Connecticut hospital, sets himself on fire, officials say

⌚ 04:31:38  (bbc.com) 

NRA head: Gun control advocates 'exploiting' Florida tragedy

⌚ 04:28:38  (courant.com) 

Mayor: Man Crashed Car Into Middlesex Hospital Entrance, Set Himself On Fire

⌚ 08:06:40  (tampabay.com) 

Collards, ribs and Kool-Aid: Black History Month menu at NYU stirs controversy

⌚ 09:16:54  (talkingpointsmemo.com) 

CNN: Pentagon Mulling Options To Move McMaster Out Of WH, Back Into Military

⌚ 05:33:04  (foxnews.com) 

Car crashes into Connecticut hospital, catches fire

⌚ 06:33:31  (thehill.com) 

Fla. shooting survivor says CNN rejected town hall armed guards question: 'It ended up being all scripted'

⌚ 05:22:44  (reuters.com) 

NRA chief attacks anti-gun 'elites' after Florida school shooting

⌚ 05:53:12  (theadvocate.com) 

Slidell, New Orleans police say 'no credible threat' to schools after Facebook post stokes concern

⌚ 05:44:28  (variety.com) 

'Daily Show' Contributor Michelle Wolf to Host White House Correspondents' Dinner

⌚ 05:13:38  (courant.com) 

Mayor: Man Drove Car Into Middlesex Hospital Entrance, Set Himself On Fire

⌚ 07:59:38  (wsj.com) 

West Virginia Teachers Go on Statewide Strike

⌚ 00:10:21  (thehill.com) 

GOP lawmaker: 'Many' mass shooters 'end up being Democrats'

⌚ 05:49:16  (washingtonpost.com) 

Here are details for Billy Graham's funeral: A viewing at the US Capitol and a private service in NC

⌚ 08:01:44  (syracuse.com) 

Student says CNN gave him scripted question at Florida school shooting town hall

⌚ 05:58:33  (nbcconnecticut.com) 

Car Crashes Into Emergency Entrance of Middlesex Hospital in Middletown

⌚ 06:20:38  (cbsnews.com) 

Canada's Justin Trudeau regrets attempted assassin's party invite in India

⌚ 06:43:12  (cnbc.com) 

SpaceX mission successfully deploys first test satellites to bring internet to billions

⌚ 09:52:38  (huffingtonpost.com) 

Deadly Flooding Forces Evacuations Across US South, Midwest

⌚ 02:51:38  (greenbaypressgazette.com) 

Nikolas Cruz's threats to shoot up school were enough warning to act, legal experts say

⌚ 07:06:17  (politico.com) 

GOP congresswoman, without evidence, says mass shooters 'end up being Democrats'

⌚ 05:44:37  (washingtonpost.com) 

SpaceX's Internet satellites are part of a wave of new tech that could give you more choice in broadband providers

⌚ 06:21:16  (rollingstone.com) 

#Russiagate Skeptics Take a Beating

⌚ 08:32:25  (usnews.com) 

Report: Pentagon Looking for Alternative Positions for McMaster

⌚ 05:49:16  (washingtonpost.com) 

Here are Billy Graham's funeral details: A viewing at the US Capitol and a private service in NC

⌚ 05:47:41  (nbcnews.com) 

NRA's Wayne LaPierre accuses Democrats of exploiting Parkland shooting in speech

⌚ 06:24:38  (huffingtonpost.com) 

Oprah Reacts To Trump's Tweet Calling Her 'Very Insecure'

⌚ 06:27:49  (foxnews.com) 

West Virginia closes all public schools amid teacher strike -- even as governor signs pay bill

⌚ 07:47:50  (chicagotribune.com) 

Amy Poehler, 'Parks and Rec' team in Twitter tussle with NRA and its 'pro-slaughter agenda'

⌚ 07:00:38  (wtvr.com) 

Republican Congresswoman claims most mass shooters are Democrats

⌚ 06:03:04  (usnews.com) 

Montenegro Police Official: US Embassy Attacker Ex-Soldier

⌚ 06:25:12  (bloomberg.com) 

Trump Praises NRA as It Mounts Offensive Against Gun Measures

⌚ 06:50:09  (theguardian.com) 

Trudeau's India visit overshadowed by invitation to attempted murderer

⌚ 07:09:53  (washingtonpost.com) 

The greatest goal in US women's hockey history won Team USA the gold

⌚ 08:25:38  (cnn.com) 

Where Billy Graham 'missed the mark'

⌚ 06:44:42  (cnn.com) 

NRA's Wayne LaPierre hits Democrats, socialism in speech that goes beyond gun fight

⌚ 06:43:12  (cnbc.com) 

Elon Musk's attempt to catch part of a falling rocket with a high-speed boat missed by 'a few hundred meters'

⌚ 08:40:51  (weather.com) 

Deadly Flooding in the Midwest, South Sends Hundreds into Shelters; Emergency Declared in Lansing, Michigan

⌚ 06:44:53  (washingtonpost.com) 

The Latest: Montenegro police: US embassy bomb not terrorism

⌚ 08:28:58  (theweek.com) 

HR McMaster might leave his role as national security adviser to rejoin the military

⌚ 09:58:05  (bostonglobe.com) 

Our newest American heroes: The US women's hockey team

⌚ 07:01:38  (washingtonpost.com) 

'ATTACKS WOULD END!': Trump doubles down on arming some teachers, defends NRA

⌚ 08:25:38  (mlive.com) 

Michigan flooding: Evacuations, emergencies, and rivers that won't crest until next week

⌚ 07:43:38  (cbsnews.com) 

SpaceX Falcon 9 sends satellites into space in spectacular predawn launch

⌚ 13:29:31  (huffingtonpost.com) 

Florida Sheriff Rebukes NRA Spokeswoman Who Claims She's 'Fighting' For Shooting Survivors

⌚ 07:53:54  (foxnews.com) 

Teen Vogue's Lauren Duca rips 'evil' Rev. Billy Graham: 'Have fun in hell'

⌚ 10:47:38  (ibtimes.com) 

Lucas Hernandez Missing Update: 5-Year-Old Kansas Boy's Stepmother Arrested Amid Abuse Claims

⌚ 09:24:56  (startribune.com) 

Shovels and snowblowers ready? Two rounds of snow to hit the metro

⌚ 14:40:57  (abc30.com) 

Extra police at Selma High tomorrow as precaution after social media threat

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